Sydney Arbor Trees is getting involved in a new arm of arboriculture where we install artificial shelter and housing for the use of native wildlife – birds, possums, bats, frogs, etc. Unlike externally-attached nest boxes, ours are cut into stems and branches, giving a more natural finish that is better insulated and less obvious to predators. It has a variety of applications, and can be targeted at specific wildlife species.

Habitat Creation Services

Create habitat hollows in dead or dying trees for birds and mammals

Participate with local government bodies, like Toronga Zoo and private clients to help and utilize appropriate trees that might be imminent for removal.

Prune veteran trees

Create terrestrial habitat

Create aquatic habitat

Provide consultation on habitat creation

Our intention is to replace some of the habitat that is being lost, for the benefit of local animals, and by extension, our tree population.

All habitat creation work is founded on sound Arboricultural knowledge and assessment from our experienced, AQF Level 5 (Diploma) qualified Consulting Arborists.

Examples of habitat works can be found here – www.facebook.com/urbanhabitatcreation



The company has assembled a team of highly skilled and competent management, administration and operational personnel and prides itself on its ability to meet or exceed customer requirements whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of occupational health and safety and environmental awareness in the workplace.