Sydney Arbor Trees

Our Location

Sydney Arbor Trees
P O Box 286, Botany
NSW 2019

Tel: (02) 9666-6821
Fax: (02) 9666-6312
Craig: 0425 340 055
Tom: 0425 330 283

Consulting Services

Sydney Arbor Trees provides a wide range of Arboricultural services to assist you with all aspects of Tree Management.

  • On site consultations- Verbal advice concerning a variety of topics.
  • Visual tree assessment (VTA) - Structural assessment of trees (verbal).
  • Detailed tree assessment reports- For use in tree permit applications to council.
  • Development impact assessment reports – For use in development applications.
  • Tree protection plans – For the management of construction activities around trees.
  • Observations – On site Arborists to observe and monitor construction activities.
  • Tree management plans – For ongoing management of numerous tree assets.

All our Consulting Arborists are experienced and have attained AQF Level 5 (Diploma) in Arboriculture.

Our Arborists provide detailed professional tree assessment reports and consultation services to numerous councils and government organizations.

Our intention is to provide our clients with an honest and impartial assessment of tree related issues and concerns, providing clear recommendations which are free of bias and backed up by sound Arboricultural knowledge and assessment.